June 8, 2022

Meet: The Doodle Cove

Where is The Doodle Cove based and how many litters do you have a year? (@the_doodle_cove | www.thedoodlecove.com)We are located in Syracuse, Indiana and the number of litters we have each year is constantly changing as we grow. We had one litter earlier this year and hope to have 3 more by the end of the year. What’s […]
April 12, 2022

Barkley’s Bag Dog: Cash

What breed is Jameson and does he have any nicknames? (@cashgoldenboy) Cash is a Golden Retriever. His nicknames are Mr. Baby, Crazy Head, and Smooch Boy. What’s a ‘day in the life of Cash like? Cash usually begins his day by nudging me to let me know he needs to go outside around 6 a.m. Then […]
May 26, 2021

Dog(s) of the Month: Meet Kahe, Hila & Tank!

breeds are Kahe, Hila & Tank? (@threemalinoisx) Kahe is Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Tank/Hila (they are littermate) are Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd What’s a ‘day in the life of Kahe, Hila and Tank’ like? Our days start around sunrise with some coffee (for mom) and play time in the yard or a walk around the neighborhood. After that […]
January 14, 2021

Dog of the Month: Meet Jameson!

  What breed is Jameson and does he have any nicknames? (@jameson.the.doodle) Jameson is an F1 Moyen Goldendoodle. He has a lot of nicknames such as James, Bear, Baby Bear, Bear Bear, Jamo, James James, & Brother Bear.   What’s a ‘day in the life of Jameson’ like? Wake up and do his morning routine and […]