Meet: The Doodle Cove

Where is The Doodle Cove based and how many litters do you have a year? (@the_doodle_cove |
We are located in Syracuse, Indiana and the number of litters we have each year is constantly changing as we grow. We had one litter earlier this year and hope to have 3 more by the end of the year.

What’s a typical day at The Doodle Cove like? 

  • wake up, let dogs out (mostly one or two at a time) takes a while 🤪
  • feed everyone (dogs and children) 
  • let dogs out again
  • playtime
  • nap time (for the dogs) I work on emails and social media at this time
  • let dogs out 
  • playtime
  • feed everyone dinner
  • let dogs out
  • take walks 
  • relax and maybe watch some tv while pups chew on their Barkely’s Bones
  • let dogs out 
  • bedtime (This is just when we don’t have puppies)

What 3 words best describe a doodle?

  • Funny, friendly, loyal ♡

How many dogs do you and your family own? 

  • We currently have 5 in our home and 5 in guardian homes. 

Have there been pups that you have fallen in love with and have kept?

  • YES!! It’s so hard not to keep all of them! Fern is from our Muffin litter and she stayed with us! There have been several others we wish we could have kept but know they were meant for another family 🤍

What made you fall in love with Doodles?

  • They shed less than other breeds which was huge for me but once we brought our first girl home there was so much more!! She is just a joy to have around and really brings so many laughs and love to our family.

When do Doodle Cove pups like to enjoy a Barkley’s Bag bone? 

  • Our dogs love eating their frozen marrow bones after playing outside in the hot sun for a refreshing treat!

How can Barkely’s Bag bones aid with puppy training?

  • Barkley’s Bag bones are perfect for resource guarding (also known as food aggression) prevention training with puppies! Part of our puppy curriculum is to teach puppies to associate someone taking a high value treat (like a marrow bone) from them with receiving a different treat (like a piece of freeze dried liver). This helps prevent them with creating a negative association with people taking there stuff where they feel that they need to growl, lunge, or bite (resource guarding) people in order to protect their beloved bone!

Now available: Barkley's Bites & Barkley's Bowl
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