Our House to Doghouse®

Our Story

A family-owned company based in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Barkley’s Bag was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing dogs with only the most pure, human-grade raw products. Because they deserve it, right? With the family owning a USDA/SQF meat packing company for over 30 years, creating Barkley’s Bag under the same roof was the perfect place to start.

The family would bring home the human-grade, single-ingredient raw beef marrow bones to their pups, and after seeing the powerful benefits of ‘raw treating’ firsthand, Barkley’s Bag was created so that dogs could enjoy a happier and healthier life, guilt-free!

Barkley’s Bag raw bones are now available in over 6,000 supermarkets across the country, providing pups with the healthiest of nutrients one dog bone at a time!

We heard dogs barking for more… and that’s when we began developing our new line of Freeze Dried Dog Treats and Raw & Freeze Dried Dog Food. Barkley’s Bites and Barkley’s Bowl will be available to shop online and at a supermarket near you in Summer 2023!

From our house to doghouse, we thank you for your continued support.