May 26, 2021

Dog(s) of the Month: Meet Kahe, Hila & Tank!

breeds are Kahe, Hila & Tank? (@threemalinoisx) Kahe is Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Tank/Hila (they are littermate) are Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd What’s a ‘day in the life of Kahe, Hila and Tank’ like? Our days start around sunrise with some coffee (for mom) and play time in the yard or a walk around the neighborhood. After that […]
January 14, 2021

Dog of the Month: Meet Jameson!

  What breed is Jameson and does he have any nicknames? (@jameson.the.doodle) Jameson is an F1 Moyen Goldendoodle. He has a lot of nicknames such as James, Bear, Baby Bear, Bear Bear, Jamo, James James, & Brother Bear.   What’s a ‘day in the life of Jameson’ like? Wake up and do his morning routine and […]
December 30, 2020

Dog of the Month: Meet Marley

  What breed is Marley and does she have any nicknames? (@marleyblue_and_me) Australian Shepherd. Her nickname is Littles because she is so small. ‘   What’s a ‘day in the life of Marley’ like? Frisbee!! She goes everywhere with her mama and gets lots of treats, love and frisbee time.   Is Marley on the nice or naughty […]
December 9, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide (for dogs & dog lovers)

More than ever, our pups have been by our side and deserve a little extra spoiling this holiday season! We’ve rounded up some of our holiday favorites to shop, many of which support small pet businesses!   1. Cider Bandana (The Rover Boutique)   2. Tartan Plaid Bed (Max-Bone)   3. Custom Dog Stocking (House Dogge) […]