Dog(s) of the Month: Meet Kahe, Hila & Tank!

breeds are Kahe, Hila & Tank? (@threemalinoisx) Kahe is Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd, Tank/Hila (they are littermate) are Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd

What’s a ‘day in the life of Kahe, Hila and Tank’ like? Our days start around sunrise with some coffee (for mom) and play time in the yard or a walk around the neighborhood. After that it’s time to feed the horses – Kahe, Tank and Hila always “help” with chores by running around, jumping on the hay, playing with horse toys and rolling in the dirt. After the horse chores are finished, it’s breakfast time for the dogs, followed by a very long nap. During the day, in between meetings (mom works at home), we have play time and training sessions mixed with some relaxing sun bathing outside or naps inside the house. In the evening, we repeat chores and feed the horses, followed by a walk or hike or an adventure to the feed store, park or coffee shop.

What local grocery store do you pick up your Barkley’s Bag bones from? We go to the Fry’s Marketplace on Lake Pleasant Parkway in Peoria.

Where are your pups favorite spots to enjoy a bone? Usually on their cot beds so when they’re done they can nap 🙂

Who are some of your favorite Instagram dogs to follow?






What are some of their favorite pup friendly spots in Arizona? Lakeside Bar and Grill in Peoria has 2 dog-friendly patios and a dog menu, we love going there for dinner! Kahe, Tank and Hila also love to hike and play in the water so you will often find us on our favorite trails in Sedona near Oak Creek or Spur Cross Ranch Conservation area in Cave Creek. Local Johnny’s in Cave Creek has a big dog-friendly patio that we love to hang out at after a hike.

What are 3 ways the dogs stay cool during the hot Arizona summers? Play in the water every chance they get! We will take trips to Lake Pleasant to swim or just play in the hose in the backyard. Kahe also participates in dock diving so we love taking everyone to the pool at Tonopaws for a swim when it’s really hot out. When it’s too hot in Phoenix we also will drive up to the mountains in Northern Arizona to enjoy the cooler temps and shade of the pine trees.

Describe each of their personality traits!

Kahe is incredibly outgoing and sweet, and completely obsessed with sticks and toys. He will play fetch with anything from a giant tree branch to a single blade of grass.

Tank is very big on affection and loves to give people hugs and kisses. He enjoys cuddling on the couch and wrestling with Kahe and Hila. 

Hila takes a long time to warm to people (her name HilaHila means “shy” in Hawaiian), but she has such a genuine curiosity about the world. She loves to follow her nose on hikes and has recently discovered that she enjoys swimming! 

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