Dog of the Month: Meet Marley


What breed is Marley and does she have any nicknames? (@marleyblue_and_me) Australian Shepherd. Her nickname is Littles because she is so small. ‘


What’s a ‘day in the life of Marley’ like? Frisbee!! She goes everywhere with her mama and gets lots of treats, love and frisbee time.


Is Marley on the nice or naughty list this year? Nice! Marley is sweetest as can be. But don’t let that fool you, she definitely has a sneaky naughty side that likes to steal your food!


How did Marley get so good at posing for photos? She started doing it since she was 7 weeks old and will basically do anything for a treat!


Who are some of your favorite Instagram dogs to follow? Her boyfriend @bandits.tails her half brother @finleyandsadie her niece @hope_and_audi and her best friends @bunnyandclydetheaussies and @lavendertheaussie


Marley is always dressed so stylish. What are a few of her favorite brands? @hodgehouse and @honeyandbloompetwear


Where are some of Marley’s favorite pup friendly spots in Southern California (pre-Covid)? Dana point harbor, The HB dog beach! Anywhere that mom goes to!


If you could describe Marley in 3 words what would they be?  Sweet, sassy and very loyal