November Dog of the Month: Meet Coco!


What breed is Coco and does she have any nicknames? (@cocopuffcorgi) Coco is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi


What’s a ‘day in the life of Coco’ like? Coco is very hyper in the morning and runs all over the bed when the humans wake up, and then stares at them until they feed her. While the humans are working during the day, she alternates between chewing on her toys, playing tug of war (when the humans have a break between meetings), and napping. She sometimes also chases her tail. Every time she hears the sound of the fridge ice machine, Coco runs into the kitchen because ice cubes are one of her favorite treats! The humans take Coco on walks and to the apartment complex dog park several times a day, but Coco still loves doing apartment zoomies in the afternoon and evening. In the evenings, Coco plays with the humans and sits with them while they watch TV shows before she goes to bed.


Where is Coco’s favorite spot to enjoy a Barkley’s Bag bone? On the couch! Coco loves sitting on the couch and chewing on bones or toys. She especially loves sitting where all the couch pillows are.


Who are some of your favorite Instagram dogs to follow? We love all of the dog accounts we follow and wish we could meet all of them! Here are some of the accounts we interact with the most: @friendlygolden, @lulu.bbmaltipoo, @ohmygoldendood, @cocofromboston, @kengriffeycorgi, @heyrockythecorgi.


What are some of Coco’s favorite pup-friendly spots in San Francisco? Coco loves Dolores Park, Cupid’s Span, and Land’s End! Although Coco really loves anywhere she’ll get lots of attention 😀


How did Coco learn to be such a good ‘pup model’? Coco’s parents have to take a lot of pictures of her to be quite honest haha. However, Coco knows ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ quite well, especially when there are treats involved in the photo shoot!


Coco’s favorite napping spot? Coco can fall asleep anywhere, but her favorite spot is on the couch.


If you could describe Coco in 3 words what would they be? Energetic, Sweet Curious